Our Methodology

Daily Business is consistently evolving and the gap between digital and traditional models keeps widening. There is a need for organizations to transform & move towards a flexible and agile approach. Our solutions are meticulously designed with an approach that brings together development and operations to facilitate scalability and speed.
Our expertise lies in our well-seasoned engineers who are always working with cutting-edge state of the art technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Big Data, ML, AI and much more.

We follow a simple three step approach to capture and visualize all pieces of information to understand our customer’s process.

  1. Design

    Inspect and lay out all the perspectives which clearly list out the channels, processes and answer ‘the what, the how and the why’s pertaining to all aspects of business.

  2. Validate

    Combine agile philosophies and design thinking to answer important questions through experience, research, rapid prototyping, and brainstorming.

  3. Execute

    After defining the scope of work, our software experts work transparently with the customer to execute all the tasks transparently to ensure quality of output at all times during the entire lifecycle of the project.

Our Capabilities


The Internet of Things is the trending technology where all machines, instruments and appliances are made intelligent and smart, with a vast network of sensors and smart devices capitalizing the cloud technologies and analytics. IoT is currently revolutionizing all the Industry sectors. BayGrape helps customers to understand and unlock the value of IoT and interact with their IoT devices using apps built for web and mobile.